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Cover Handbook Financial Instruments

E-learning ACI Diploma / Chartered Markets Professional

This E-learning course helps you to prepare for the current ACI Diploma exam. Please consult the syllabus to learn more about the exam. The duration of the course is 160 to 200 hours. This course contains the following sections:

1. Foreign Exchange
2. Money Markets
3. Fixed Income
4. Options
5. FRAs, STIR Futures and Swaps
6. Fundamental and Technical Analysis
7. Risk Management
8. Trial exam
9. Readers

You can access the modules by clicking on the link. On every page you can find additional information by clicking on the tab 'Notes' to the right of the page. If you want to test how much you already know of the subject, you can press the button 'Outline' in the right-hand side menu. By doing this you will hide the additional information. If you are able to answer all the questions to the right you are ready to take the exam. Note 1: Some of the PDF readers contain extra questions and answers at the end. This is shown by the character Q. Note 2: this e-learning course does not contain sound!